Service Portfolio

We offer a variety of services in the areas of development and data & process exploration.


We are delivering well tested and integrated software in a fast pace, using the success-proven, agile scrum development process. To this end we employ cutting edge continous integration and delivery pipelines as well as direct and early customer feedback into the development process. Your key benefits of this process are short time to market, increased flexibility and project control capabilities, transparent visible progress during development, and minimal risk.

Application development

  • cross-platform development of software solutions for desktop (Windows, Linux), mobile (Android, iOS) and server backends (Linux, development and hosting)
  • early feedback with fast iterations
  • flexible and fast strategy refinements
  • solid Dev-Ops systems to ensure continuous testing and regular releases
  • high development speed and low maintenance cost achieved by modern C++ standards (11, 14, 17) and a minimum of technical debt
application development


Main Goals
  1. velocity – release early and often for faster feedback
  2. reliability - well tested software
  3. sustainability - minimizing technical deb to maintain high velocity and reliability
Detailed Goals
maximize the developer efficiency
  • "fail fast and early" for short feeback and iterations
  • permanent reduction of technical debt
  • automation of major process parts
agile and transparent development processes
  • reliable time planning
  • management reports based on real workload
  • transparent costs through transparent work expended
support for knowledge management
  • improvements of knowledge transfer
  • implicit mutual education
  • raising the "truck number" reduces project risk through staff absences
Kharnagy CC BY-SA 4.0

Data and Process Exploration

We are experts in our field and help you analyze your workflow to find tasks than can be enhanced by visualization software. With a fresh mind we can scrutinize your processes to find whether they still fit your needs and modern workflows. Additionally, we offer services based on your individual needs. This includes the following topics:

Interactive visualization

  • preparation of complex datasets for specific visualization goals
  • interactive exploration of data using high-performance platform-independent realtime software visualizations in
  • development and implementation of user-centered visualization concepts for software applications based on the design-sprint method at the customer site with your decision makers and future users
  • visualization of measurement and process data
  • qualitative and quantitative usability engineering for evaluation and iterative optimization of (existing) visualizations
interactive visualization

Data analysis and processing

  • mass data/big data statistical analysis and pattern matching for hypothesis testing or descriptive data evaluation
  • development of specialized object and image processing algorithms (e.g. image and object reconstruction)
  • image analysis and processing algorithms
  • highly parallel, performant implementation (e.g. on graphics cards with OpenGL/CL, Cuda)
data analysis

Consulting and process evaluation

  • digitization of processes and its consequences
  • psychological usability and user testing for evaluation and diagnosis of problems with human machine interfaces (HMI)
  • developing visualization concepts for your data
  • process analysis with regard to Dev-Ops optimizations
  • reduction of technical debt
  • introduction of Continuous
  • Integration/Deployment/Development Infrastructure
  • "Modern C++" (and standard (template) library) trainings
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